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20 Zinnia Street

Rio Grande City TX 78582

Neighborhood Info
20 Zinnia Street
Rio Grande City, TX 78582
MLS#: 309318
3 Bed 2 Bath 1 Garage
Text "5500532" to 79564
  • Nearest Gym 5 Miles
  • Nearest Airport 5 Miles
  • Nearest Hospital 5 Miles
  • Nearest Gas Station 5 Miles
  • Nearest School 5 Miles
About the Property

Looking for a custom build home with details. Come and see this beauty out, located in Rio Grande City on half acre lot. Property has many amenities to offer to start with a privacy fence. Stepping in to this home you will be received with high decorative ceilings with crown molding through out the house and tile through out. Custom build kitchen with beautiful cabinets to provide plenty of...

What's nearby in 20 Miles:
20+ Gym 20+ Airport 20+ Hospital
20+ Gas Station 20+ School 20+ Fire Station
20+ Night Life 20+ Bank 20+ Post Office
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